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DRMsoft Video Packer 10.1 For Windows

Encrypt and pack video & codec & player into exe, Three-In-One
· Pack video & codec & player, Three-In-One, User needn't install any codec or player to play your video
· Convert video to exe with password protect
· Smart-Anti screen recording
· You can set playing time and expiry date
· You can allow users preview your video
· You can specify icon of video
· Encrypted file can bind USB disk
· Support float watermark for different user
· You can adjust playback speed
· You can set network blacklist, Your user can't continue playing your video when his machine id is in the network blacklist

video to exe converter, Video packer and encryption tool
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Software Introduction :  
Supported Operating System: XP/Vista/win7/win8/win10, support 32-bit and 64-bit OS;  
Encrypt and Pack video & codec & player, Three-In-One

Encrypt and pack your video to exe with embedding codec and player, User needn't install any codec or player to play your video. you can encrypt various types of video or audio files (e.g., wmv, avi, mpg, rm, rmvb, mp4, flv, Vob) into exe files that can only be played when a Playback Password is provided, and users can only play the encrypted media files after obtaining the Playback Password provided by you.

The encrypted video file support One Computer One Password(What is this?)

You can either distribute Playback Password offline, or use your website(customized function).


Key Features :  

The encrypted files can be used to achieve the following:
  • Multiple encryption modes:
    Non-PC-Binding, All computer ,One password;
    PC-Binding, One computer,One password;
    Video2exe, Convert video to exe only;
    Only need to be authenticated once on the same computer(With same Key and Product ID).
  • You can specify the number of playbacks allowed, the time of playback and expiry date.
  • Watermarks can be added to videos;
  • You can configure a user prompt so as to let users know how to contact you to obtain the Playback Password;
  • Popular screen recording can be prevented.
  • Support many many video format, avi to exe, wmv to exe, rmvb to exe, mpg to exe, rm to exe, mp3 to exe, flv to exe, mpeg to exe, and other.
  • Support full screen playback.
  • It can be configured to prevent opening in VMware and Virtual PC

Frequently Asked Questions :  

Q: How to encrypt video files?

Q: How to create a Playback Password for a user?

Q: How can I know the machine ID of the user's computer?

Q: Why don't the encrypted video play?

Q: What's Product ID?


Registration version different from trial version :  

1. You may specify yourself encryption key.

2. No trial message in encrypted files.

3. Don't show trial prompt in the encrypted files.


System Requirements:

Supported Operating System: XP/Vista/win7/win8/win10, support 32-bit and 64-bit OS;
128 MB RAM or more;
100 MB free hard disk space.


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